10 Best saree brands in India 2023

Over the past few years, we have witnessed growth in the Indian fashion industry. Some brands such as Manish Malhotra, Zara, and Reliance Trends, which produce only high-end and luxurious clothing producers, have gained much popularity as fashion brands in India. As of late, these brands are well known for their clothing quality, design and customer service. We have also seen that the Brand has started spreading its wings in the international market. It is important to note that not all Indian clothing brands are available in India or even internationally.

Let’s speak particularly about saree in India. It is very obvious to say that India has some leading saree brands which dominate not only the Indian market but also the international market. In this blog, we will discuss brands that have succeeded in saree design and production and now dominate the saree market of the world.

List of the best saree brands in India

Following is the list of best saree brands in India

01. Desi Butik

Desi Butik sarees

Desi Butik is one of the most famous and also one of the best designers in India. It is known for its wide range of ethnic clothing collections. One of the best pieces in their collection includes patterned sarees silk which makes its owner look beautiful and contributes to looking different in a gathering. By looking at the design and patterns of Desi Butik, it is evident that this Brand’s sarees incorporate the essence of Indian traditions along with a touch of modern designs and trends. Additionally, the use of faded and vibrant colours in the sarees expresses the influence of nature on the plans.

02. Satya Paul

Satya Paul

Anyone keen to know about fashion, especially saree, must have learned about Satya Paul. A four-decade-old brand, this was founded by Satya Paul in 1985; presently, this Brand is in the hands of Puneet Nanda and Sanjay Kapoor. Satya Paul is famous for women’s outfits and fashion, such as sarees, Kurtis, and clutches, and all over the world, this Brand is renowned for its sarees and Kurtis. A special feature of this Brand is the lightweight nature of their sarees, for which reason these sarees are easy to carry, and of course, the fabric and the design of these sarees are world-class.

03. Kalanjali

Were you talking about south Indian traditional fashion? Kalanjali is the top Brand in that field. Not only is it South India, but this Brand also has a strong grip in almost all parts of the nation. The popularity of the customer base of Kalanjali is not confined only to the Indian market; this Brand also operates in western countries. From 1992 onwards, Kalanjali has been defeating all its competitors to maintain its top position in the market. This Brand has to be on your wish list if you are willing to purchase a silk saree for any occasion or general use.

04. Gaurang

This Brand is a Hyderabad-based designer brand and was founded by Gaurang shah. This Brand has a different level of popularity, and there is no doubt that this Brand is one of the top saree brands in India. The sarees of Gaurang are extremely recognised for their design and fabric to produce world-class textiles, as well as satin, silk, georgette, khadi, and others, into exquisite drapes. The Gaurang sarees possess a unique design pattern which makes their sarees even more gorgeous and attractive. Moreover, this Brand is also famous for its specialised prints, textile designs with unique colours, and fine weavers. Another thing you can find in the sarees of Gaurang is that you can notice a unique combination of Indian tradition and modern designs. 

05. Meena Bazar

Meena Bazar is a widely recognised Indian fashion brand specialising in making saree. This Brand was founded in 1970. Meena Bazar is famous for its luxurious, wealthy, and elegant sarees, making its owner look different from the crowd. The main purpose of this Brand is to provide the best exceptional sarees to its customer with a combination of traditional and modern designs. Quality is of the highest standard, and the Brand offers a competitive price, enabling customers to choose from various products.

06. Kalamandir Sarees

This Brand is one of the top Saree brands in India. Kalamandir sarees have always set the stage on fire with their new collections. The love of their customer for this Brand is outstanding, and the customer support of this Brand is also very well polished, which means that the Brand has built a very good connection with their customer over time. Now, returning to the Brand’s sarees, the colour combination and embroidery of this Brand are mind-blowing. In short, we can say that Kalamandir sarees set a new trend in India’s saree field.

07. Sabyasachi

Sabyasachi is an undisputed participant in the list; this Brand is known for its gorgeous, luxurious sarees. The uniqueness of this Brand lies in combining traditional aesthetics with contemporary and modern designs. The beautiful eye-catching sarees of Sabyasachi are one of India’s most expensive and luxurious sarees. Considering the figures for 2020, Sabyasachi has generated around 274 crore rupees as revenue with its sales in India.

Some of the sarees of this famous Brand feature delicate hand embroidery and crystal embellishments. While talking about this Brand, we should include that with creativity and artistry; this Brand has given a new look to the modern Indian bride.

08. BharatSthali

When it comes to ethnic sarees, BharaySthali is one of the leading brands in India and around the world. This Brand has a unique approach to presenting the modern and aesthetic side of a woman. These sarees’ designs are influenced by India’s heritage, tradition and culture. The finest, lavish and mind-blowing collection of Bharat thali is made of world-class material with embroidery, sequins, beads and Zardosi representing the rich heritage of India. This Brand produces sarees in many fabrics, including Banarasi sarees, georgette sarees, silk sarees and many more. Additionally, the handloom sarees of this Brand are amazing, and this Brand holds a specialisation in the sector. Moreover, BharatSthali also supports local artisans in growing.

09. Manish Malhotra

Manish Malhotra is a famous Indian fashion designer who doesn’t need any introduction. Manish Malhotra is a brand of choice even in your sleep when it comes to designer clothing. Manish Malhotra opened its doors in 2005; since then, this Brand has never looked back. In the collection of Manish Malhotra, you will find gorgeous floral embroidery and multicoloured sequin patterns, which are supported by some amazing styles to enhance the look of the beautiful sarees. Collections of this Brand have been presented in front of people at various national and international fashion shows. Since its start, this Brand is creating new benchmarks in the field of fashion with its creativity and lavishing designs. The sarees of Manish Malhotra are presented with a touch of modern Indian style. Manish Malhotra also designed sarees for celebrities of Bollywood and other fields by keeping their priorities in mind. In the present era, this Brand has become a huge status symbol for the country’s rich heritage and thriving culture.

10. Ritu Kumar

Thanks to its unique and beautiful design, this Brand has established its identity among Indian women. This Brand is one of India’s most popular designer brands. The uniqueness of this Brand lies in this unique combination of Indian ancient culture and a touch of modern design in its saree. Moreover, this Brand has also launched its collection of contemporary versions of the printed and geometric saree, for which the Brand claims that the women will look smarter and more confident. Moreover, Ritu Kumar’s handcrafted saree has an eye-catching design, fabric and quality.

Frequently asked question

We answer a few of the most common questions about sarees that we receive from the public regularly.

What are the best saree brands in India?

There are many great saree brands in India. Some of the most popular brands include Kalamandir sarees, Ritu Kumar, Manish Malhotra etc.; these brands are also mentioned in the list given above, along with some other very popular brands. These brands offer various sarees in different colours, designs, and fabrics. You can find sarees for any occasion, from casual to formal wear.

Where can I buy the best sarees in India?

You can find the best sarees in India at any major department store or online retailer that sells Indian clothing. You can also find great sarees with high quality and world-class design in some of the famous physical stores in India, such as Sarojini Nagar Market in Delhi or Crawford Market in Mumbai.

How much do the best sarees cost in India?

It is not very easy to quote a precise or even approximate price range of sarees in India. However, the price of a saree depends on the Brand, material, design, and other factors. You can find sarees that range in price from a few hundred rupees to several thousand rupees. The best way to find a great deal on a saree is to shop at different stores and compare prices.

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