8 Best Silk saree brands in India 2024

We are talking about an Indian traditional outfit and the saree is missing in the discussion, it is not possible. Sarees are still the first choice of many Indian women when it comes to traditional outfits. Indian women are fond of wearing sarees whether it is a casual occasion or a formal occasion. Moreover, there is not a single type or fabric of sarees that you will find in India. You will find a number of unique types of sarees for example Kanchipuram saree, Banarasi Saree, Assam Silk etc. This says that similar to Indian culture and cuisine, Indian outfits are also filled with diversity. As we all know that it is not possible to incorporate all these factors in one article, so in this article, we will only focus on sarees made of silk. We will present you with a list of some of the best saree brands in India. And this article will also help you to find out the best Silk saree brands in India for you from which you can purchase a saree.

List of the best Silk saree brands in India

Following is the list of best Silk saree brands in India.

01. Meena Bazaar Sarees

After its launch in 1970, this brand has always been in the mouth of almost every woman who loves to wear a saree. This brand is famous for its trendy design, high-quality fabric and many more. This brand is not only limited to India only, the hard work of the persons behind this brand has paid off and now this brand also has showrooms in the USA. Undoubtedly this brand is one of the top brands among the best saree brand in India or maybe in the world. The way this brand is gaining the love and support of its customers it is evident that this brand will easily maintain its position for a long time in future.

02. Bombay Selections

This is a very well-known brand and it has a very strong customer base. Moreover, the brand is gaining in popularity at a rapid pace and women are getting very attracted to the brand. This brand was founded in 1993 and since then it is presenting a huge range of sarees that can be worn on any occasion, whether it is as a traditional occasion or a family gathering or an office party. The design and the pattern in the sarees of this brand clearly reflect the traditional culture of this country. This brand has also partnered with various e-commerce websites that help this brand to deliver the products of Bombay Selection to the doorstep of its customers.

03. Satya Paul Sarees

This brand is one of the top premium brands in India. The vibrant colour and the unique patterns in the sarees of Satya paul make this brand unique and trendy. In the design and the pattern in some of the sarees of this brand, you will find a traditional touch and also this brand offers some sarees that are contemporary in design. Another special feature of these sarees is that you can wear them on any occasion, may it be casual or a formal occasion.

04. Ahujahons

This name needs no introduction. This brand is famous for its sarees and also for shawls for both men and women. However, coming back to sarees, this is un comparable, the collection of sarees this brand has is simply outstanding and we should also admit that the demand the sarees of Ahujahons is really high, women in India love to buy sarees of this brand. The prime reason behind this brand’s popularity is the quality, design and print of the sarees this brand offers. However, the crux of the matter is, along with being one of the popular brands in the field of sarees, this brand is also one of the most loved brands in India.

05. Ritu Kumar Sarees

This is primarily a designer brand that is famous for its stylish and elegant design. The sarees of this brand are rich in colour, design and pattern and also for its trendy outfits. This brand is no doubt one of the best saree brands in India. Moreover, Ritu Kumar Saree is one of the class brands that present the style quotient in front of you along with a touch of authentic and attractive designs. If you are willing to have an up to date and stylish sarees then this brand should be on your list.

06. Desi Butik

Desi Butick started its journey from a city of modern-day Gujarat which we all know as Surat, which is famous for diamond manufacturing. The main purpose of this brand is to spread the test of Indian Fashion to the whole world. This brand has gained a lot of popularity in a very short span of time. Thousands of loyal customers are proof of the popularity of this brand. The silk sarees of this brand cannot be compared or after searching a lot you may find any brand that can come close to this brand but cannot match this brand. If we talk about the area of operation of this brand, then you will be surprised to know that with the help of online technology, this brand has created its presence in almost all parts of this nation.The prime reason behind the popularity of this brand is its rich design which has a touch of ethnicity. Moreover, the sarees of this brand are handcrafted by the artist, which gives these sarees a very gorgeous look.

07. Manish Malhotra Sarees

Last but not the least. In modern-day India, every kid knows this name. Manish Malhotra undoubtedly holds one of the top positions in the field of fashion in India. When it comes to fashion related to Bollywood Manish Malhotra becomes an obvious choice. Bollywood celebrities are fond of Manish Malhotra and select Manish Malhotra as their first choice. They may be any designer who can design sarees like Manish Malhotra. If you are wondering, does this brand produce sarees? Then the answer is yes, Manish Malhotra the sarees of Manish Malhotra are exquisite there is no designer that can match the standard of Manish Malhotra. Not only in Bollywood this brand is also famous among the high-class people of this country, and they are creasy about this brand.

08. Kalamandir Sarees

This brand is famous in the field of ethnic wear in India and the saree is one of the main products of this brand. This brand is headquartered in Hyderabad and it has its presence across the southern part of India through its 9 boutiques. To produce its sarees this brand uses a number of fabrics which includes bandhej, georgette, chiffon, kanjeevaram,. However their silk sarees are outstanding and the demand for their silk sarees is always high, always on demand. There is a different craze about their silk sarees among their customers. The Kalamandir Saree looks sleek, elegant and straightforward. The sarees of this brand are perfect for all kinds of occasions such as formal family gatherings and casual parties, these sarees will make you look different on all occasions. Another and perhaps most important feature of the sarees of this brand is the comfort that these sarees provide, the sarees of this brand are really comfortable and easy to carry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of sarees available in the market?

Well, there is no perfect estimate or number but some say that there are more the  30 types of sarees available in India and every single type is popular among the women of India some of them are Banarasi Silk Sarees, Rasheeda saree, Khun Saree, Kasuti Sarees, Chanderi Sarees, Tant Sarees, Kanjeevaram Sarees, Assam Silk Sarees etc. In India, the crease of saree is at a different level

Which is the best brand for saree?

The above-mentioned brands are the best brands that are available in the market in India. You can easily select any of the above-mentioned brands according to your criteria and needs and accordingly, you can purchase the best saree for you.

What is the reason behind the popularity of Surat for sarees?

Well, your collection of sarees is not complete if you have not purchased a silk saree from Surat. The quality, the design and the fabric they offer are really outstanding and maybe, for this reason, this brand is worldwide famous for sarees. Some of the silk sarees Surat offers to the world are Kinkhab, Gajee and Tanchoi.

How can one reduce the stiffness of the silk saree?

The solution is here please follow the below-mentioned process to get a read of this problem. A bucket of cold water with half a cup of distilled white vinegar will help research heavily starched sarees. The saree should then be soaked in it for 30 minutes. The saree should then be rinsed, dried, and steam ironed.

How can I identify the quality of the silk saree?

This is one of the most required things while purchasing a silk saree. To find the quality of the saree you are purchasing, one thing you can do is, take a thread from the saree you have selected and then burn it with a flame. If the silk is genuine, a burnt hair smell will come out of it. When you burn the edge of real silk fabric, the flame becomes invisible and as soon as the flame is removed it will stop burning.

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