5 Best polo t shirt brands in India 2023

Polo t-shirts are now on trend, if you have a knowledge of fashion then polo t-shirts must be familiar to you. Polo t-shirts have the potential to enhance your personality and can also make you look different from the crowd. Whether it is a formal gathering or any informal party a polo t-shirt can be worn on any occasion. Basically, Polo t-shirts are the best for being stylish along with a standard fashion. If you are willing to buy a Polo T-shirt and confuse that with which brand you should go to, then don’t worry. In this article, we will be providing you with a list of the Best polo t shirt brands in India and will also help you to find the best one for you.

List of best polo t shirt brands in India

Following is the list of some best polo t shirt brands in India

01. Zara

Perhaps one of the most loved brands in India. Honestly, this brand does not need any introduction, almost every person with a bit of a fashion sense knows this brand and it will not be wrong to say that people are mad at this brand. Zara produces a lot of clothing products for men and women. Every product of Zara is famous but one product that stands out is Polo – t-shirt. The quality, design and style of this product cannot be matched and the demand for this product is always high.

This brand product is characterized by unique marks that provoke creativity, promote a positive attitude, promote self-expression, and promote living life to the fullest.

The procerange of the Zara Polo t-shirt is a bit high, but the quality and the other features of this product justify the worth of the Zara Polo t-shirt. The price range of these t-shirts is around Rs 1499 – 7999.

02. Roadster

There are a lot of youthful and trendy designs to choose from at Roadster.

Its designs aim to make users feel relaxed and to take their minds off stressful situations.

Whenever a list is prepared which includes top brands which make polo t-shirts, Roadstar is an undisputed name on the list. Over the period of time, Roadstar has gained popularity on the basis of its various qualities such as its stylish design, fittings and most importantly its quality. Moreover, this t-shirt is pocket-friendly which says that any middle-class boy or a girl can purchase any t-shirts of this brand without putting a lot of burden on the pocket. If you have a desire to purchase a branded t-shirt on a low budget, Roadstar is for you. The average price range of Roadstar is around Rs 399 – Rs 1990, isn’t it pocket friendly?

03. Van Heusen Sport

This brand has created a crease in the Indian market and also enjoyed a sizable market share. Since its launch in 1990, this brand has never looked back, it has gained enormous love from its customers and is enjoying a lot of popularity. Van Heusen is famous for this low price range, quality and stylish design and many more. Van Heusen produces a range of products but Polo t-shirts stand out and are perhaps one of the most in-demand products of the company. If we analyze the reviews of the customer about this brand we can clearly see that quality is one of the major reasons behind the success of this brand. Moreover, the price range of this brand is very low and suitable for middle-class boys or a girl. The average price range of Van Heusen is around Rs 899 – Rs 1999.

04. Adidas

This can be a great choice for you if you want a polo t-shirt that looks standard and also has a high-quality fabric. Polo t-shirts of this brand can be worn on both formal and casual occasions. What to say about this brand, every person knows the name of this brand and the name is enough to justify the quality, fittings and many other features of its product. The polo t-shirts of this brand are really unmatched and maybe it is on the top. The procerange of the Adidas Polo t-shirt is a bit high, but the quality and the other features of this product justify the worth of the Zara Polo t-shirt. The price range of these t-shirts is around Rs 799 – Rs 3999.

05. NETPLAY Burgundy

This brand is known for its design and the quality of its products. This brand has a very strong customer base which is loyal to the brand. Moreover, the brand always keeps its research on to know the latest update in the market, which further helps this brand to know the taste of costumes. This is the reason why this brand is loved by all. However,  we particular;y take polo t-shirts then it will really be difficult for anyone to find a brand that can match the quality and the features of this brand, features such as low price, the price range of the polo t-shirt of this brand budget friendly and can be afforded by any middle-class household

Here are some brands that you can select according to your choice. Hope this list of Best polo t shirt brands in India will help you out in the process of selecting a perfect polo t-shirt for you

Frequently asked question

Following are some questions that are asked by the people regarding polo t shirt brands in India

When and where are the 1st T-shirts manufactured?

The history of T-shirts can be traced back to the 19th century. The T-shirt was 1st manufactured in 1893 during the Mexican-American War and after that, in 1913 the U.S. Navy also started to use them.

What is the importance of T-shirts?

In the modern world, T-shirts have become a very popular outfit because of their comfort and also it is easy to wear. The popularity of T-shirts is not limited to a certain section of people or to a certain group of people, It is now worn by people of all age groups.

What pants can one wear with a t-shirt?

Well, you can wear any pants with a t-shirt, may it be tight-fit jeans or chinos or anything else. However, one thing is suggested that you should keep the colour combination in mind before selecting any pants to wear with your t-shirt.

What does T mean in a T-shirt?

A T-shirt was traditionally worn before wearing a shirt. However, now there are other synonyms that are used to identify T-shirts such as a short-sleeved, collarless undershirt etc. Coming back to the question, the T was added in the name of the T-shirt because it looks like the alphabet T of the English letter.

Which colour of T-shirt is most popular?

There are various colour t-shirts available in the market but if you ask about the most popular colours then there are  5 colours that are really popular in the market, the colours are  White, Black, Navy, Gray, and Red.

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