6 Best Film production company website templates in 2023

Looking for Film production company website templates in 2022. There are plenty of ways to promote your production house. One of the most efficient ways is by having a good website with proper content, which is easier to browse. A curated audience mostly uses it. The number of people visiting your website will be related to the art and film sector. So, common people visiting the website is a very random case as they might have any business.

These film production companies often hire professionals for various domains, like marketing, promotion, production, etc. It is essential for people who want to get hired to know the art of professional website building for big companies like these. However, sometimes these production companies might be regional or local ones too which might have a relatively lower budget, and working for them, developing for them is the real challenge. Their demands might be building a website with all modern features. Given below are some website themes specially customized for film production companies.

List of the best Film production company website templates

There is a continuously rising video production company. Simultaneously, increasing demand for building a website for the film, and video production companies. But, hiring a website developer is may be expensive, might have to pay around $300 out of your pocket. If you are feeling hiring a website developer is a bit expensive, then you could move towards a WordPress theme. In this WordPress theme, you will get all the features that are required for a film production business. All you have to do is just change the elements as per your taste.

Below, mentioned WordPress themes are exclusively made for building a website for film production company 2022.



1. Ftage – Movie Production & Film Studio WordPress Theme

If you are worried about the cost and have a small budget, this might be the best choice. It gives all the updated facilities which correspond to the needs of today’s internet and client demands. It requires very little knowledge of coding to build this type of website using this theme. The design is a very reliable one, as it comes with excellent lighter and darker modes. There are several options for the developers themselves while creating and putting things together in the initial stages of website building. The cost of the theme is just $59, which is an excellent value for money.




  • Customization now more accessible and faster
  • Very easy to optimize and SEO friendly
  • Choose from several languages for a wide range audience
  • Very fast backend support

2. Silverscreen – A Theme for Movies, Filmmakers, and Production Companies

One might spend a bit more on this theme than the regular themes, but it is worth every single penny you spend. There are choices provided by the theme which make life easy for the developers in charge of building a website. The website theme has everything a full-fledged production company will need, and the features are all a highlight for the visitors. The website, when ready, is one of the most spectacularly designed websites.




  • Add up to 5 header types
  • Best in market admin interface experience
  • Optimized for mobile view with headers
  • Very creative inner pages and pre-made blogs
  • More than 800 Google fonts

3. Cinerama – video production websites templates

It is a very frequently updated theme that comes with the guarantee of a good developer experience as the theme has features that are justified for the price tag of $79. This theme is one of the very few versatile themes listed here and has a very aesthetic design with classic matte solid colored backgrounds and ready to use widgets. The theme has several satisfied users, with most of them being regular users who stick to this theme. The theme is known to be used by many popular film production companies and has generated many positive ratings, which are very obvious.


  • Customized for shopping and blogging
  • Creative layouts and horizontal timeline
  • Easy to use for movie presentations
  • Interactive shortcodes with Video Player and Video Button

4. Noxe – Movie Studios and Film production company website templates

Another pocket-friendly yet very versatile theme on this list is Noxe. It is very suitable for people beginning their film production journey or developers who have to work with a very restricted budget. It is often touted to be the best value for money film production theme by WordPress. The cost of the website is very less, but contrastingly it provides features that are at par with any other themes. For the users, it is very easy to glide through the website while accessing its huge database of movies and shows.


  • Variety of demos available for the preview of the final website
  • It loads very fast and is known for its fast page speed
  • Managing episodes and listing movies made easy
  • Integrated with IMDb

5. Formota – Film production company website templates built in WordPress

Successfully running for 3 years, this is yet another marvelous theme that is coming under the bracket of pocket-friendly as well. It costs a mere $59 dollars to access this awesome theme loaded with spectacular features. The theme catches the eye for its easy compatibility with various social media sites and platforms. Also, the attractive and modern design makes it a user-friendly website with lots of options for display services, and plans.


  • Corporations and individuals can use it as well
  • Has a variety of homepages (more than 12)
  • One of the most entertaining blog experience
  • Best inner pages for the use of visitors

6. Divi – build Film production company website

Last but not least, this carries the distinction of being the most popular theme provided by WordPress. It is not the regular editing experience provided by WordPress, and rather it is a whole new experience with guaranteed custom designing freedom. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or a beginner. This theme is one for the developers. The several options for designing the website provided by this theme creates more avenue for making the website more attractive. There is a reason why this is considered one of the best website themes by many.


  • Customize your CSS controls
  • A very versatile product that suits everyone
  • More than 40 website elements
  • More than 100 website packs


Each one of these themes was developed by a highly professional developer.

These have all viable options for creating a Film production company website with a limited budget, some themes price under &60 with all the major facilities. The website themes distinguishable being some of the most used ones and have a very creative look.

Choosing any of these websites will be a good investment for freelancers as well as film production companies.

Hence, the effectiveness of these themes shouldn’t be doubted as they are well tested by Themeforest, and all of these themes are regularly updated. Offers, 24 hrs customer support. This is all about Film production company website templates.

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