5 Best WordPress Corporate Intranet Theme in 2024

Yes, you can now easily create a secure space for your staff or community with a corporate intranet theme. Currently, many corporate intranet themes make it easy and smooth to manage or interact with your team and corporate members.

At present, we live in a tech-savvy world where social media networks are trending, including Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and many more. Now, users’ expectations become more in comparison to using online communities or intranet hubs. Moreover, these intranet themes consist of all the networking, communication, and other interactive features. Whereas, these themes provide you with high control over your staff members or community works by intranet. It offers to disable and enable features according to the demand of your project.

Are you in search of good-quality corporate intranet WordPress themes for your business?

If yes, then great, you are on the right platform. Here, we are going to show the best corporate intranet WordPress themes. Hence, these shortlisted themes will surely prove helpful to your business in connecting and managing staff.

Do you know what an Intranet Portal is? 

The Intranet is not a new thing, from many times our corporations are working on it. It is a private website used for your business, company, school, and other networks. Suppose, you are running an organization or company and facing issues in coordination with employees or management. Then, this is high time to set up an intranet for your business. In short, the perfect intranet WordPress theme makes it easier.

Now, the question arises which corporate intranet WordPress is best for you? Don’t worry, and we are here to solve your all queries related to the same. Therefore, we listed down some best corporate intranet WordPress themes, which provide you with a superb result for sure.

List of the Best Corporate Intranet WordPress Theme

Check down below the list of the best corporate intranet WordPress themes. Surely these themes will make your work smoother.

01. Woffice – WordPress Corporate Intranet Theme

In this shortlisted list, the first name is Woffice. It is a fantastic intranet WordPress theme mainly used for corporates. Also, it offers all qualities and features which you need in your project. Moreover, Woffice provides a quick installation process and two demos.

With this, it helps to simply set up your corporate intranet without extra effort. Furthermore, the Woffice WordPress theme has customizable login pages that keep your data secure. Also, the dashboard area will make sure your users can get all the details they require.

Advantages of Woffice 

  • It will quickly help you to control all your projects.
  • This WordPress theme can provide support for various users.
  • Woffice is loaded with unique intranet tools.

In short! A perfect theme to build a Corporate Intranet website.

02. Alliance

Alliance is the 2nd WordPress theme that we shortlisted in this list. Launch your company’s private intranet WordPress in a few clicks. This theme launched with the unique feature of a one-click importer, from which you can add features including content template, tools, and many more. After that, you can set user rights from which users can comfortably access your intranet. Interestingly, You can easily import all user accounts at a time that will provide your staff to access the intranet. That provides your users with the right to make their own accounts and to perform other functions.

Advantages of Alliance 

  • It provides an instant overview to the users of developments and the latest news.
  • Users can easily view notifications, activity, new messages and others after logging in.
  • Alliance securely upload files.

Hence, a perfect theme if want to start a Corporate Intranet website.

03. Cera

The 3rd one on this list is Cera. It is a flexible corporate intranet WordPress theme that functions with the BuddyPress plugin. Cera is a great WordPress theme with different and unique tools for your comfortable functions and offers the full benefits of the famous BuddyPress plugin. From the Cera theme, you can use tried and tested places for your corporate intranet websites. With this WordPress theme, you can add an intranet portal according to your needs in a few clicks without paying the extra cost (sometimes). Some of BuddyPress add ons are not free of charge, but they provide superb enhancement to your website, which feels worth it.

Advantages of Cera

  • Cero is a quick and easy process of selecting templates according to your needs.
  • It comes with classy templates for your staff and members.
  • It offers a private messaging system.

Hence, our suggestion is that you build your website with Cera.

04. Micro Office

The next one on this list is Micro office. It provides three website layouts for your website. You can select the best intranet WordPress themes according to your requirement. With this, it consists of unique and various designs. Moreover, after choosing the composition according to your project. Now you can easily import all the essential data into your WordPress website in a few clicks. Furthermore, Micro Office is mobile responsive and easily accessible. Your users can comfortably access their accounts and other content. Moreover, your users can easily view the latest activities on the dashboard. Also, the feed section after logging in.

Advantages of Micro Office

  • Micro Office provides features and tools that can help you to create various sections in your intranet WordPress theme from your organization and community.
  • You can add online training and courses materials to your intranet WordPress theme.

Unlike, other top WordPress Corporate Intranet themes mentioned on this list. The Micro Office theme is able to build a website in a click.

05. BuddyApp

And the last theme in this list is the BuddyApp WordPress theme. It is an attractive modern design theme that ensures you provide your intranet. Plus, with an eye-catching look. Moreover, BuddyApp makes your boring site an exciting site that energizes employees to work in a better place.

Also, it offers stylish and bright color themes and attractive background images. Hence, it makes your site more professional and appealing at the same time. Moreover, the BuddyApp Intranet WordPress theme comes with various and unique attractive themes. Also, you can easily choose according to your business area.

In addition, it provides four demos in a package, which provide you with a good range of options for your corporate website.

Advantages of Thrive

  • It provides the best support for storage, access, file management and others.
  • With the BuddyApp intranet WordPress theme, you can easily share your documents with your team.

Especially, if you are looking to share your documents secretly with your team. Then, the BuddyApp is a complete value for money for you.


At last, these are all the best corporate intranet WordPress themes. I hope you get detailed information and this blog proves profitable to you. So, For a more informational blog like this, stay connected with us.

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