5 Best Task Management WordPress Theme and Plugins in 2024

Are you looking for Task Management WordPress Theme and plugins for your business? Do you want to customize your site and give it attractive looks? 

If yes, you are at the right place as here we provide information about the best task management WordPress theme and plugins. With the help of WordPress themes and plugins, you can easily customize your site with attractive templates, designs, styles, colors, and many more. Currently, many task management themes and plugins are available, which makes the customization process easy and smooth.

Selecting an attractive theme according to your website is essential. Appealing themes that attract most of the visitors help you to grow your site’s traffic, brand building, justify the business. So, select the most suitable task management WordPress theme help you grow your business and get more clients. Hence, resulting a successful business.

List of the Best Task Management WordPress Theme

Following is the list of best Task Management WordPress Theme and Plugins in 2022.

01. Segments – Task Management WordPress Theme

In this list, the first name is Segments. It is a trendy WordPress theme that several business owners use. This WordPress theme has all the qualities and features which are essential for your site. Moreover, it is designed to simplify processes for advanced CRM companies. Furthermore, it has all the features that allow you to customize your invoices, capture leads, and inform you about them. The best thing about the Segments WordPress theme is that, you don’t need to know coding language to customize your site.

Benefits of Segments 

  1. It is easy to use.
  2. This WordPress theme supports all the users.
  3. With this theme, you can efficiently process your data management on the front end.
  4. It is fully responsive.

02. Woffice

The second WordPress theme is Woffice. It is one of the multipurpose themes that are suitable for government and business intranets. Woffice has a page builder offer drag and drop feature. So, you can easily customize it without knowing code. It allows you to integrate WordPress notification into your sluggish channel, make member directories, track calendar & events and customize the dashboard. Woffice WordPress keeps your data and files secure. Moreover, on the dashboard, you can get all the required details.

Benefits of Woffice 

  1. It efficiently manages your projects.
  2. Woffice offers quick installation.
  3. It has many task management tools.

03. Projectopia – Task Management WP Plugin

The next one on the list is Projectopia which is suitable for Project Management. It provides many excellent tools that allow you to communicate your clients and your team. Moreover, it’s feature make it unique from other such as Sales Tax feature, Role based team members permission
system, Clients can update their details and photo from the dashboard. Also, File uploads in Client Account, Set Invoice terms per client, Downloadable PDF Invoices​ and much more. Projectopia is one of the best task management WordPress Plugin that comes with special tools for your comfortable functions and offers the full benefits.

Benefits of Superba 

  1. It can easily manage your clients and your team members.
  2. The task management plugin also provides WorkFlow control, role based team members, projects and milestone.
  3. It provides easy customization.

04. Task Manager Pro WordPress Plugin

The next WP plugin on the list is Task Manager Pro. It is one of the popular WordPress plugin with five start rating which has all the suitable tools, benefiting your sites. This theme comes with admin dashboard templates that are creating and appealing. The combination of project management with features like project creation, manage user or group, assign task, project with user, update task with progress and much more. The main advantage of this theme is that it task project with user updation notification.

Benefits of Task manager pro

  1. It makes customization easy.
  2. Allows you to add user task/project list to your page.
  3. This theme can efficiently work with mobiles, laptops, desktops, and tablets.
  4. Assign task with progress.
  5. The plugin allows you to adding ticket for specific user/contributor.

Looking at the all the benefits with Task manager pro, I recommened you should install this plugin to your website.

05. Grow CRM

The next one in the WordPress Plugin is grow CRM. It is a powerful task management WordPress Plugin as it helps you create Project Management, Time Tracking, Invoices & Payments, Leads & Opportunitie and much more. Grow CRM offers high UI experience to task management. The main attractive thing about the plugin is that it comes with payment gateway as accept payment through Paypal or Stripe. With these exciting elements, you can make your modern and more beautiful task management website.

Benefits of Grow CRM

  1. It is fully customizable for mobiles and tablets.
  2. For this, you don’t have to require any coding or design skills.
  3. Grow CRM is quick, creating a stunning plugin.
  4. This can easily manage your client, group and task at the same time.

06. Ekushey Project Manager CRM

The other one on the list is Ekushey. It is specially made for task management website. This plugin offer manage client projects, team task, task progress status, collaborates clients and team members, client payment status report. Also, it offers CRM collaborates three user types like you as your company admin, your client and staff. Not only that it client can watch work in progress, and make payment through PayPal. Moreover, Staff can manage, assign task and delivered to client. All you have to do is install the plugin, no coding skill required and you are ready to go. Hence, a complete solution for task management website.

Benefits of Eject 

  1. It is stylish
  2. Eject comes with easy-to-use functions.
  3. This deshboard shows running projects, pending tasks and payment history.
  4. The plugin is clean and fresh.


These are the best task management WordPress themes that help you to grow business by customizing site attractive. We above listed some fantastic WordPress theme which perfectly suits your site. From which, you can choose one for cooperative business or government. I hope this blog would have cleared all your confusion. For more such exciting topic, stay tuned with us.

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