5 Best Data Science Portfolio Website Template in 2024

Are you looking for the best data science portfolio website template in 2022? A data science portfolio should consist of all the important skills and works of the person, presented to help the user reach his/her target audience quickly. Various websites are designed for making portfolios, but not all of them are suitable for data scientists. To help you out, we found some of the best data science portfolio website templates in 2022 that will help you in creating the unique portfolio that your job requires.

These templates are curated in a way that will help you to maintain and update the portfolio in a better way. Moreover, you can even use these templates to create a nice portfolio for your website and share it with your customers.

List of Top Data Science Portfolio Website Templates

Check out the best data science portfolio website templates here. We have curated this list by keeping in mind that it will help the data scientists create the portfolio they require.

01. Manon- Portfolio & Agency Theme

Manon portfolio provides you with various templates to choose from. It has more than 30 portfolio themes based on the type of audience that you want to reach. Moreover, each portfolio template consists of unique features, presents your skills, and works in the most fashionable state.

This particular portfolio website helps you create a nice portfolio in a contemporary fashion and provide it to your customers. Besides that, it consists of various home and inner pages and allows you to customize as per your choice. It even comes with custom shortcodes for easy handling. Furthermore, there are multiple types of layouts that you can find here, such as Portfolio custom layouts, small images layouts, and much more. You even get more than 800 types of Google font to choose from for making your portfolio.


  • More than 800 Google fonts available
  • Customizable layouts
  • Various types of inner and home pages
  • More than 30 layouts available
  • Contemporary fashion theme for better portfolio visual

02. Remake- Data science portfolio WordPress template

The Remake portfolio theme is a WordPress-based theme and comes with a smooth user experience. Moreover, it is the easiest portfolio-making website that you can use for creating your portfolio. As the name states, Remake uses minimal yet impactful headers to make your portfolio stand out from the crowd.

This particular portfolio agency provides you with seven different types of Project sliders and amazing styles for your portfolio. Also, it even comes with ten built-in templates that will help you to showcase your skills in a better visual presentation to the companies. Moreover, it is fully customizable and has an excellent response rate. The theme options are easy to use, and you won’t find any difficulty while creating your portfolio here. Furthermore, you even get flexible menu types for headers and much more benefits.


  • Amazing response rate
  • Good animation
  • User friendly
  • Minimal layout
  • Flexible menu options

03. Ohio – Data science portfolio website templates WordPress

The next portfolio creator that you should check out is the Ohio creative portfolio agency. You get to view various demo sites and accordingly choose the best one for your style. Making a software developer portfolio or website is super easy with the help of Ohio. The demos are created by keeping in mind various types of users.

The speed and response rate of the site is amazing, and you can even operate it on slow internet. It is trusted by various creators and is used worldwide. Besides that, the website provides you with multiple options to create your portfolio. Also, you can choose any theme and customize it as per your choice. Moreoevr, the website will save all the changes you have made even if the connection is cut off. Even more, the built-in icon packs have an amazing illustration and will help you to make a good visual creation of your portfolio. Moreover, the website offers SEO-ready practices to help you rank better in any search engine.


  • SEO ready practices
  • Compatible with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Saves all the changes even when the connection is not there
  • Amazing icons to help develop a good visual representation
  • Good speed
  • Highly customizable

04. Werkstatt- Creative data science website template built in WordPress

The Werkstatt makes it super easy to make a portfolio. All you have to do is drag and drop the files on the website, choose a template, and your portfolio is ready. Moreover, you can even customize the icons, orders, and layouts later on.

Also, the website even provides you with pre-made portfolio examples to help you get a rough idea of making a portfolio. Even more, these demos will even allow you to know what you need to add to the portfolio to rank it better. In addition, you get to see various types of themes, layouts, and other factors to add to your portfolio. Finally, it even has SEO and speed optimization that will help you to reach the perfect audience in no time.


  • SEO and speed optimization
  • Amazing animations
  • Drag and drop functions
  • Pre-made portfolios for reference

05. TheFutur- Creative Portfolio & Agency Theme

For data scientists, a professional-looking portfolio with a good layout can do wonders. TheFutur provides you with all the professional layouts that will help you to create the best portfolio for your profile. Also, it provides you with minimal yet effective designs, which will help your profile to maintain uniqueness in the crowd.

Besides that, the website even comes with 32 types of unique Gutenberg blocks that can help you edit the portfolio and add suitable things. Moreover, it is super easy to use and doesn’t require any coding knowledge to operate the system. Also, you will get all the demo sites and portfolios for reference and have a Gutenberg editor theme to help you out.


  • Gutenberg editor theme
  • Minimal professional theme
  • User friendly
  • Customizable menus
  • Multiple post formats


These were some of the best data science portfolio website templates in 2022 to try out for your website. These websites will help you create SEO-friendly portfolios to rank better and reach your target audience.

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