3 Best Photo Contest Website Templates in 2023

If you are looking for best photo contest website templates 2022 to built your website then, you are landed at the right place. Through, this post I will show some of the most popular photo Contest Website Templates. Do you have a photography channel and want to gain more reach? One of the best tricks to attract more leads is by conducting photography contests. However, it takes a lot to create a contest. Also, you cannot simply declare or post on your social media that you will conduct a photography contest. First of all, you need to prepare a template for the contest. If you have a website, you would have to announce the contest there and prepare a whole bunch of stuff that will help the contestants understand the contest and prepare for it. Furthermore, these website templates can even improve the SEO ranking of your website and help you get more clients for the future.

Not only that, but you also need to have access to the photos and be able to open them on the website. To help you with that, you need to have a proper template that can manage all the preparations for the photography contest. These templates will help you out in organising the perfect photo contest.

List of the top photo contest website templates

Check out this list of the best photo contest website templates. We have curated this list by keeping in mind that photographers would be using it for organising various photo, video, and audio contests in their websites.

01. Photo Contest WordPress Plugin

Photo Contest WordPress Plugin

The first template that you should try out is the Photo Contest WordPress Plugin. This particular plugin has an amazing response rate. Besides that, it allows you to have full control over every term and condition of the competition. Be it voters’ controls, comments, or the photograph itself, you would have complete control over the page. Moreover, this particular plugin will help you to design the contest as per your needs. You can adjust, re-adjust, change the text, and do much more with the help of this particular plugin.

Besides that, the WordPress plugin is fully integrated with BuddyPress and will help you manage that. You can decide the mode of voting, the types of ratings, and even the number of likes each user can give. Moreover, it provides you with the utmost security that is extremely important while conducting any contest. No one would like to have any tampering in a contest, and if you are conducting a contest, then it is your responsibility to maintain the website’s security. This particular plugin provides you with nine layers of fraud protection and provides unique locks for each file, which is impossible to break by any intruder.


  • Ultimate fraud protection and security
  • Fast response
  • Complete control over the competition
  • Allows you to choose the mode of voting, designing, and much more

Hence, a perfect Photo Contest Website Template

02. TotalContest Pro- WordPress photo competition plugin

TotalContest Pro a photo contest WordPressplugin

Another, best Photo Contest Website Template is TotalContest. It is one of the most famous plugins used by photographers and pageant websites to conduct a photo contest. It helps in conduction any type of digital contest at ease. With the help of this particular plugin, you can create a photo contest and audio and video contests. It is super easy to use and does not need much science to use it. Besides that, the plugin is optimized to be used in various types of platforms like Android, Windows, and even iOS.

TotalContest Pro allows you to create multiple types of fields for multiple types of contests. You can easily insert any file in any field with the “drag and drop” system. Moreover, you can even customize your whole contest as per your design. It gives you full control over the contest, and it is even SEO friendly. The plugin even gives you a complete track of the number of votes and submissions regularly.


  • Gives you the option to customize the contest
  • Regular tracking of votes and submissions
  • Multiple fields for multiple types of contests
  • Customize fields for additional information

03. RateMash- Photo contest plugin WordPress

RateMash Photo contest plugin WordPress

RateMash is one of the best contest plugins that you would come across. It is extremely SEO friendly and will help you to get new users from time to time. Not only that, the plugin is designed in a way so that your users will regularly visit for all kind of updates.

This particular plugin allows the users to comment anonymously, which protects their information. Besides that, the plugin even provides global rating as per categories. Due to this particular feature, you get a better hand at the global audience. If you are conducting a photo contest, then RateMash should be the plugin that you should use for voting purposes. It even gives you control over deleting inappropriate comments. Even the users can report such comments to you. You get regular emails regarding comments and reports to keep you on track.


  • Anonymous voting and commenting
  • Global ratings and reach
  • Comment reporting
  • Admin can delete comments that do not follow the guidelines


These were some of the best website templates that you can use for creating a photo contest on your website. It would help you to gain full control over the contest, protect the information of the participants and even provide good security against fraud. Photo contest website templates are super easy to use and can even help you to reach a better SEO ranking. Moreover, these website templates will even help you to connect with global clients. Besides that, they would make the process of organizing the whole contest a real smooth process. This is all about Photo Contest Website Template WordPress 2022.

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