5 Best inventory management website templates in 2023

Looking for the best inventory management website templates in 2022. Then, you have landed in the right place. The inventory management system keeps record data of everyday transactions, sales, adding products, expiry products, customer management, invoice management, purchases, and reporting at your fingertips and helps your business give a boost. Here, if you running an inventory management business, a good website template could minimize your stress and help you to keep your business data in front of your eyes.

Running a business is quite hectic, moreover, when your business is a trading business. Dealing with tangible commodities is quite a big deal, so every business needs a way to track the inventory of the goods. To make sure that the company is getting all the revenue, The Company has to track the inventory because it is the company’s capital investment. This is where the inventory management website template comes into play.

These templates help to keep track of the products. Every company needs comprehensive Inventory Control to stay at the top of the game. And as the company grows, there will be more inventory to handle, and to manage this inventory, the company will need a good template. To reduce your business stress we present the best inventory management website templates in 2022.

List of the best inventory management website templates

Following is the list of the best inventory management website templates

1. Stocky- Ultimate Inventory Management with POS

StockyUltimate Inventory Management with POS is an easy to install and ready to use Inventory management platform by UI Lib. It has a special mail notification service for payment and sales. StockyUltimate supports many different languages, including regional languages like Hindi and Chinese too. Also, it has a very easy UI interface and POS system.

Easy POS Point Of Sales has the Ultimate Inventory Management with POS has the best POS system with a beautiful invoice design. Even more, item searching can be done using the Code and the name. The filter of the products can be done category-wise, brand name-wise. Moreover, products and people include editing, deleting, and viewing the products, which can be easily done.

According to the assigned roles, the management can add, edit, delete and view the users and assign new roles. The template can even export the details of the products. Also, the user and the customer and suppliers’ information is exported in the form of pdf and excel sheets. Even more, import the products by the CSV. In short, it made the Inventory Management business easy.


  • Mail Notification System
  • Uses structured and customizable sass code
  • Dark Version
  • Integrated with Vuex and Vue router
  • RTL support
  • Clean and organized Code
  • Well documented Code
  • Easy pos and dynamic dashboard
  • 6 months support
  • Lifetime free updates



2. Pay POS – Sales and Inventory Management System

Pay POS Inventory System is the ultimate solution for businesses because it is very feature riched which offers any type of management for small businesses online.

This template fits perfectly for online small business management services like invoice management, suppliers management to extensive reports management. Also, it is specially designed for small businesses. need and requirements. It comes with exceptional features such as expiry or near expire product filter, customer payment credit or paid, paid and unpaid invoices management like ok credit, profit/loss report with expenses, and much more.

This system is designed and developed based upon the latest tools and technologies namely Php7, jQuery, and bootstrap which ensures full security and quality. It provides an exceptional user experience as. Moreover, the template Adapt Inventory Management System is compatible with all popular browsers.


  • Its dashboard comes with interactive graphs to visualize sales reports.
  • Easy to use supplier management, to add new and manage existing suppliers.
  • Categories management, to add new and edit existing product categories.
  • Its warehouse management system make you stress free as it includes add, edit warehouses for stock.
  • Products/stock management; add, edit products.
  • Manage expiry like pro, it offers add, edit and delete from stock.
  • Customer manegement made easy with this template as you can manage existing, paid and credit customers.
  • Track Invoices like pro, filter invoices with paid/unpaid invoices.
  • It has got advance tax and discounts management system, just add taxes and discounts to invoices.
  • Track expense like pro as it offer paid/unpaid expenses.
  • Add/edit and modified loans and loaners and much more

3. Wholesale – Inventory Control and Inventory Management System

Inventory management is the management process where we monitor and maintain the purchase of the commodities and the sales of the goods, and the stock of the goods for the smooth functioning of the company. Also, you can ensure your customer about the availability, deadstock. invoicing, supply, and much more.

Wholesale – Inventory Control and Inventory Management System is an inventory system that is based upon the customer management system and the supply and purchase module. This Wholesale inventory has very easy invoicing and carton-based sales and purchases, which also allows a modular project management system.


  • Invoice, POS, and QR Code invoice System
  • Product, Customer and Catery based Management System
  • Data Synchronization and Software Settings System
  • Use of LTR and RTL system
  • Multiple languages support
  • Different accounts and report management system

4. ClanVent – Inventory Management System

Belontory mainly maintains the regular process of workflow in a company. A company’s primary goal is to record everyday transactions, sales, purchases, and reporting. The inventory Management System will keep all the data in front of the eyes.

Moreover, it normally gives a fantastic user experience, you can manage product, stock, user, reports everything in a single dashboard. Even more, the inventory is by the latest JS framework vue.js.


  • Invoice printing.
  • Stock and sales report.
  • Profit and loss report.
  • Cutomer payment history

5. Gain POS – Inventory and Sales Management System

There are different types of selling and sales management so we can use it anywhere of our wish. The business type describes the type you have to use, as it makes it more comfortable and usable. Gain POS just boosts up efficiency and makes it easier for the user for the process by which the time is saved. In surveys, it was seen that a barcode scanner is the most efficient way to manage product sales, stock, and expiry and make small businesses stress-free.

Moreover, with this template adding a product made easy, all you have to do is just scan the barcode and add the product instantly into your cart easily. Credit sales are another product sales and loyalty booster. If your business accepts credit sales, you can enable this option from the payment method and sale with credit to the customer.

Moreover, it comes with customer payment history and product sales and returns history, product import or export report in excel sheet, and much more.


  • Export product stock, sales, expiry in excel sheet
  • Invoice management.
  • Bar code product addtion.
  • Custom payment option
  • Employe task management- set diiferent roles for different employe
  • Supports multi-area/branch
  • Supports multi-language.
  • The administrator can add colleagues and set various authorizations.
  • Profit or Loss is automatically calculated.

These are the best inventory management website templates in 2022.

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