5 Best Event Planning Website Templates in 2023

If you are looking for the best Event planning website templates built in WordPress of 2022 for your startup then, you are in the right place. Through, this post I will show you some of the most popular event Planning Website Templates. Event planning takes lots of time and planning. Before you plan any event, you need to have a proper template and plan for it. Moreover, if you have an event planner company, then a good website is a must. It would help you to get a better reach and showcase your work to potential clients. Besides that, a proper event planning website template can even help you to divide the types of planning based on the types of events. For example, you would have a separate block for conference meeting events, weddings, graduation ceremonies, seminar events, and much more.

To give your clients a better view and manage everything properly, you need to have the best event planning website templates for your company built in WordPress. The templates below will help you to get the best design for your website.

List of the Top Event Planning Website Templates in 2022

Check out this list of best templates to help you get the perfect one for your event planning business. This particular list was created by keeping in mind that event planners would use them to create their websites. 

01. Presentup – WordPress theme for event management company

Presentup - WordPress theme for event management company

Presentup is a WordPress theme based template that will provide you with a professional-looking website for your event planning website. It provides you with various free demos to help you get a better understanding. Moreover, you even get five different types of home pages to select from.

This particular template provides you with more than a hundred theme options, four different header styles, and full control over the whole design of the website. The template is super easy to use, and even your clients will find it user-friendly. There are even various blog and project options, which you can use to showcase your various event planning designs and photos for better reach. There is even an easy-to-use events page that is synced with the website calendar and can be used to create events.


  1. More than a hundred theme options
  2. Easy-to-use events page
  3. Synced calendar
  4. Free demos
  5. Blogs and Project pages for showcasing previous works

02. Multiple Event & Conference Planner WordPress Theme

Multiple Event & Conference

For event planners who work for more corporate events like seminar planning, conference planning, and much more, the Nikal template would be a boon for them. This particular theme will help you create various types of events and even help you make separate pages for the speakers of the events. Besides that, there are various types of lists provided in this template that will help you organize the event better.

The template has a good response rate. It comes with two unique home page options and has more than 150 shortcode elements. These shortcodes will further help you to create more websites. The inner page layouts are pre-defined and come with different designs to choose from. The template even has a schedule calendar that helps you to be on track. It will list out all the events and meetings that you have and list them based on the date and time of the project. You don’t need any coding knowledge to operate this template. A simple drag and drop will help you to do all the work. 


  1. Simple procedure
  2. Proper schedule as per date and time
  3. Various inner page layout
  4. More than 150 shortcodes for creating more websites
  5. Create separate pages for speakers and other sponsors

03. Unica – Event management company website template

Unica an event management company website template

An event planning organization that plans only birthdays and weddings does not need a professional-looking template that is meant for office events. A wedding based event planner needs a website with a subtle template and speaks of the organization. Unica provides bright and colourful templates that will attract more clients to the website. It is completely responsive and is even retina ready. 

This particular plugin is super easy to use and does not need much time to install and run. It will help you to create the perfect website design for your business. With four different home pages, you can decide the type of events that you want to plan. Moreover, it is SEO friendly and will even help you to rank better in the search engines. For a better touch experience, the plugin even provides you with sliders that you can use. You can completely customize the theme panel and even showcase some of your works on the website.


  1. Provides free supports and updates
  2. Customizable theme panels
  3. WooCommerce integration
  4. SEO friendly

04. Eventim – Event Planning Website Template

Eventim  a Event Planning Website Template

Another event planning website template is Eventim. The Eventim template is another template that you can use for creating plans for corporate events. It is easy to use, has a responsive design, and even comes with tons of demos. Besides that, the template even has WooCommerce support for easy payments and shopping. It even has child themes in it and is perfect for all kinds of events.

This template even has various layout options and comes with more than 500 Google fonts and colours you can use. It even has various menus and headers, which the admin can combine in any manner. It is completely customizable and allows you to design the website as per your choice. 


  1. Completely customizable
  2. Provides more than 500 types of Google fonts
  3. Mix and match any headers and menus
  4. Various types of layout options available
  5. User-friendly

05. Evento – Event Management WordPress Theme


The Evento event planning template is designed for creating unlimited events at ease. It allows you to add the speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, and all the important aspects of the events in a separate block and sync them. Besides that, it even helps you to compose a multi-day program for any event and display it on the page with the help of shortcodes. You can create unlimited conferences, sponsor events, meetings, and much more with this template.

Moreover, the template provides you with shortcodes that you can use to create further websites. You can even showcase the venue of the event with the help of the built-in Map provided in the template. The template even allows you to share your posts on social media and get more leads. 


  1. Create unlimited events
  2. Customizable logo
  3. Built-in Map for showcasing the location


So, these were some of the best templates for event planning websites. These websites will help you to plan the events and have proper control over the whole situation. It will prevent you from running into any mess and make the whole event planning process a great success. 

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