Top Clothing Brands in India for ladies

As we all know that India is a unique country, here people of various cultures live together and love each other. As it is a unique country so it is quite evident that along with all other things the fashion in this nation will also have different aspects. Traditionally in India our thinking was around “simple living, high thinking”, but as we are now progressing and our culture is evolving by getting mixed with other cultures, fashion has become a very integral part of the people of India. Coming back to the different aspects of fashion in India, we can see that there are a variety of people who prefer a different fashions.  Especially when it comes to ladies’ clothing, we can see that there are numerous options available according to the wants of different women.

In India primarily we can find two types of choices when it comes to women’s fashion. The 1st one is the traditional dresses and the other is the western dresses. However, in some cases, we can also find a mixture of both.

Women in India love to dress in traditional styles, such as sarees and Kurtis etc. primarily those dresses that are Indigenous dresses and have been part of Indian fashion for a long time. These traditional dresses also give us a sense of Indianness. On the other hand, as a part of evolution, we also incorporated western attire and there are numerous Indian women who feel comfortable in western attire and always prefer to wear trendy tops, pants, skirts and more.

Now, for brands, it is quite a challenge to meet all the criteria of  Indian women. However, brands have overcome this challenge and there are various brands that produce clothing for both categories and became popular among their customers. In this article, we will be speaking about top Clothing Brands in India for ladies.

List of the top Clothing Brands in India for ladies

Following is a list of the best clothing brands in India for ladies.

01. ZARA

In modern India, Zara has become the first choice for many Indian women. This brand meets almost every requirement of its customers. Moreover, Zara keeps the design of its product up to date and always allows its customers to follow the trends. This brand has almost 1000 stores across the world and in India only it has more than 20 stores. However, Zara is considered an expensive brand but we can’t deny that the quality and other features of this brand are worth a little high price.

02. BIBA Apparels

If you are a woman who prefers to wear Indian outfits, this brand is for you. After the brand was founded in 1998, BIBA Apparels didn’t look back. It has become one of the most loved brands among its customers, people love to purchase the clothing of BIBA Apparels. This brand is famous for its experiment by mixing both Indian and Western attire, you will simply be amazed by logging at the design and prints of the clothes that BIBA Apparels produce. From gorgeous Kurtis to amazing salwar suits, this brand has a lot of products to offer you. So, if you are willing to buy a traditional dress or anything in between traditional and western, this brand can be one on your list.

03. H & M

 Many of us may not know that H & M stands for Hennes & Mauritz. This brand has been in operation in India since 2015 and soon after its arrival in India, the brand got a lot of love from the people from India. The popularity of this brand can be assumed by the fact that within such a short time the brand has opened around 48 stores and in 2018 it has also made itself available on e-commerce platforms. Zara is not only the choice of all fashion-conscious Indian women but many of our Bollywood celebrities also prefer Zara when it comes to fashion.

04. Global Desi

Another fully Indian brand on the list. Global Desi primarily focuses on the bohemian style  (a type of fashion trend). This brand is famous for its trendy bohemian designs, if you like to wear bohemian designs then you cannot miss this brand. However, Global Dedi is also famous for its eastern designs. You will actually love this brand’s design because in the outfits of this brand you will not only find bohemian fashion but also you will find a touch of Indian culture in the outfits of this brand. This feature of this brand gives a uniqueness to the brand and perhaps this is also a reason for the success of this brand. Additionally, you will be pleased to know that this brand is not very expensive. You can easily have the clothes of Global Desi within the price range of around  Rs 600 – Rs 6000.


This brand is famous for its budget-friendly but good quality and trendy clothes. With this brand, you can easily purchase high-quality clothes on a pocket-friendly budget. Since the brand was founded in 2009, it has never looked back, the clothes of this brand are always on the diamond. Additionally, this brand enjoys a strong base of loyal customers. This brand has played a key role in redefining Indian fashion by mixing traditional Indian fashion with modern-day fashion trends. So if you want something different yet similar to Indian culture and in a budget-friendly price range, Aurelia is one of the best choices for you.

06. FabIndia

FabIndia is another top brand in India. It is famous for its quality and also for its up-to-date designs. In the collection of this brand, you will find  Fabels, Tops & Shirts, jackets & Coats. However, this brand is also outstanding when it comes to ethnic outfits such as Dupattas, Stoles, Saris and many more. Along with Indian customers, FabIndia is also famous among foreigners. You can see that there are a number of foreigners that visit the stores of Fabina and they love to wear the dresses of this popular brand. The success of the brand can be assumed by the fact that since the brand was founded in 1960 it has generated average revenue of around $64 million.

07. Madame

This Brand was founded in 1980 and this was one of the first brands in India fully dedicated to women’s fashion. In the recent era, this brand is considered as one of the fastest growing brands in the field of women’s fashion. The demand for this brand is increasing at a very high rate and the brand is also taking the advantage of this popularity for expanding its operations across the country. At present this brand has more than 60 stores across the country and it also has four stores in Saudi Arabia. Additionally, this brand is also trying to penetrate the market of different age groups such as teenagers, girls and young women. However, If we talk about the speciality of this brand then it is mandatory to mention the magic it does with the fabric and maybe this is the reason behind the popularity of this brand. So, if you want to buy a cloth that is stylish and with great print, this brand has to be on your list.

08. Manyavar

When we hear the name of Manyavar, it gives us a sense of joy, happiness and celebration. Manyavar is more like emotion for the people of India. If you want to purchase cloth for the marriage in your house or for Diwali or for any other festival, Manyavar is the first choice that comes to the Indian mind. This brand primarily focuses on the indigenous fashion of the country and presents some of the most trending and beautiful designs in front of you.  When it comes to traditional outfits, Manyavar remains unmatched, its colour pattern and design and various other features are loved by its customers. Moreover, Manyavar is also one of the top brands when it comes to bridal wear, without any disappointments these brands deliver every time.

Frequently asked question

Following are the answers to some questions that are frequently asked by the public regarding the topic of Top Clothing Brands in India for ladies.

01. What are the qualities you require to have a good fashion sense?

Well, this answer is not for women, men should also follow this. Having a good fashion sense is very important in this modern day.
Some of the  major things that an individual has to follow while selecting his or her outfit are
The outfit should be comfortable and should not create any barrier while making any movement.
One should be overdressed or underdressed for any particular event.
One should have a good understanding of colour combinations to create a different identity in the crowd.
Another most important thing is, you should keep yourself clean and always try to make small goods, for that you can use a good perfume.

02. What are the basic points that one should check before purchasing a cloth?

It is a very important question. One should always check the quality of fabric first and after that the other things like design, colour, patterns etc. But if you don’t check the quality of the product 1st then it may affect your comfort after you wear the outfit, and comfort is the primary thing that comes in when we are talking about clothing.

03. Which is the best brand for clothing for ladies in India?

Well, you can see the above-given list to get the answer to this question. The list contains the top brands that are operating in India and you can easily select the brand of your choice by having a look at the above list.

04. Can traditional Indian dress be considered a formal outfit?

Yes, though there are some other primarily western outfits that are considered formal outfits but Indian traditional dresses are also considered formal outfits.

05. What are the basic categories of women’s fashion in India?

Primarily we can find three types of women’s fashion in India, Such as traditional, western, and a mix of both traditional and western.
Traditional dressed like Kurta, Saree, Dupatta, Salwar etc
Western dresses such as tops, jeans, shorts etc.
And the mixture of both means the outfit which has a fusion of both fashions, for example, one can wear jeans along with a kurta.


So this was the list of some of the Top Clothing Brands in India for ladies along with the answers to some frequently asked questions. Hope this article will help you to find a perfect brand for you and will help you enhance your fashion sense.

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