Short letter for Mom – that would make her feel special

Firstly, the word Mother evokes strong emotions in everyone. Everyone’s life is incomplete without a mother. The love of a mother for her child is unlike anything else in the world. It is impossible to match her level of forgiveness. Every member of the family is well taken care of by her and a house is transformed into a beautiful home under her care. As a mother, she raises her children with compassion, love, and utmost care. With her smile and presence, she illuminates our homes. Today, in this post I will share some examples of Short letter for Mom – that would make her feel special.

Example of Short letter for Mom

Mom, I haven’t expressed my feelings for you like this ever before but today I’m gonna speak my hearts out to you.

First of all, Thank you.

Thank you for loving me, Thank you for guiding me, Thank you for not letting me feel alone and Thank you for understanding me.

I remember when few years back I called you the worst mother anyone can have and believe me mom I still feel sorry for that moment as I’m understanding how deep.. words can cut and how painful it would have been for you as a mother to hear such things from your daughter when the only thing you wanted was her happiness and safety.

Till this day, I have met and known a lot of people but no-one, absolutely no-one ever came close to loving me and accepting me as selflessly as you do.

Today I know that, It doesn’t matter how deep shit I’m in, My mom is there to take me out of it.

I pray for your Good health and well being. God Bless you Mom 💗

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Imagine waking up in morning to prepare breakfast for your children and getting them ready to go school and then preparing yourself to go to office, work all day long, come home and help the children in their homework, prepare dinner for them, talk with them and then work as a freelancer till late nights and Imagine … doing this all with a SMILE on your face.

Yeah .. That’s my Mom. Being a single mother is hard but Hard times create strong women.

Women who face every obstacles of life with ease, Women who can manage both their professional and personal lives with excellency.

You are my Inspiration, Mom.

Everything Me and my bro have achieved or will achieve is all because of you.

I know the sacrifices and struggle behind your innocent smiles, mom and trust me I’m gonna make all of these worth it.

Keep smiling and keep shining, My dear Mum.

I got addicted to smoking, was removed from the High school’s basketball team, got cheated in relationship and failed in many subjects, all of these happened in a couple of months.

Life hit me hard, I was falling down.

My friends were abandoning me, even Dad stopped talking to me But My mom, She never let me feel alone

Those open hearted conversations, little words of encouragement and the feeling that there’s someone that has faith in me started to push me forward.

I remember, I kept telling myself that My mom has her believe in me, She can the fight the whole world for me … I can’t let her feel down.

I got rid of the addiction and started getting back on the right track of life. My friends came back , Dad started talking but in all these I came to know one thing that …

I am blessed by an Angel called Mom and the blessings of that angel have magical healing powers.

After all that you have to go through for me, I just want to see you happy Mom.

I have started considering myself very lucky, mom… just because of you.

I might have not told you this before but having you as my mother really makes a great difference to me.

All these academic pressure, peer pressure, relationships pressure would have turned me mad, You are the only reason that I’m completely sane till now.

You understand me even better than me, what I need, what would make me happy and what would make me sad.

Your constant effort of keeping me on the right track of life, nurturing me for a brighter future and doing things that makes me happy is very appreciable.

There are many times when I feel low and sad … and you are always there to cheer and lift me up, sometimes this little support is all what you need.

A mother that understands you, supports you, believes in you and cheers you up isn’t something that everyone has.

Thanks Mom, thanks just for existing.

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