Israeli shipping company ISLINE is now representing Flexport shipping

ISLINE has been selected by Flexport to act as its representative in Israel.

Founded by Ryan Peterson in 2013, Flexport aims to redefine the traditional shipping industry, helped to raise more than $2.3b, and has an estimated market value of $8b. One of the largest in its field, the company has grown through a new technology that integrates all aspects of the supply chain. Flexible Port is the world’s first digital shipping company, shipping goods to 112 countries each year worth more than $20b.

ISLINE was chosen to help the company enter the Israeli market. Israel is one of the largest international trade markets today. Since this is a niche market, the best partner needed to be technologically advanced, strong and experienced. The choice of ISLINE made sense because both companies share the same goal of simplifying world trade, making it more convenient and transparent.

ISLINE CEO Uriel Hershkovitz said, “We are pleased with the privilege we have been given to represent the shipping giant Flexport in Israel…. The cooperation between us and the combination of the power and technology of Flexport with ours, are expected to make ISLINE a leader in the Israeli market. I have no doubt that this cooperation is a significant step for Israel in the field of shipping.”

The company is founded by Reuven Hershkovitz and was founded 36 years ago. It has about 120 employees in seven branches and is one of the largest companies in its field in Israel. Customer companies include Teva Naot, Dor Chemicals, Castro, Diplomat, and Unilever.

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