Integrating All In One SEO with IndexNow by Bing

All In One SEO Plugin for WordPress now supports IndexNow, a tool that alerts search engines when content is updated.

The biggest problem with SEO is how long it takes search engines like Google and Bing to update their rankings and indexing based on changes on your website.

Many website owners are surprised when the search engines recognize their changes only after weeks or months.

After that, additional changes made to the site weren’t recognized and indexed. It is a cause of frustration for SEO companies and search engine marketers.

By integrating, a website can cut this time down to hours instead of weeks.

A WordPress SEO plugin that does it all

There are more than two million users of the All In One SEO WordPress plugin, making it one of the most popular SEO plugins on the market. With it, many actions that once required multiple plugins can now be accomplished using one single plugin. It offers the following features:

  • Metadata, keywords and other information can be added on-page.
  • Schema markup provides context to Googlebots crawling websites. Schema helps bots understand what information they’re viewing, and also makes it easier for rich snippets like knowledge graphs and Q&As to be incorporated.
  • Businesses within a certain radius can benefit from a local SEO package that will improve their rankings in local searches.
  • Google video search benefits from sitemaps for videos.

How does IndexNow work?

It notifies search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yandex when a website is updated. HTTP requests are submitted when, for instance, a site creates a blog or deletes a page, or loads hundreds of URLs of products.

The ping lets the search engines know the site has been altered and needs to be reindexed and reranked. Crawlers look for newly added and changed content only in most cases. The index won’t change until they do.

Search engines prioritize crawling sites using the IndexNow protocol.

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