How do I send a trackback on WordPress? Should I accept pingbacks?

Today, in this post I will discuss How do I send a trackback on WordPress? Should I accept pingbacks? When other websites link to your content, you will receive pingbacks and trackbacks. If these notifications are enabled, your posts will display them in the comments section.

Despite the fact that pingbacks and trackbacks facilitate communication between blogs, spammers can abuse them to insert links onto your site. Pingbacks and trackbacks should normally be disabled and enabled only when absolutely necessary. Let’s understand what is trackback and pingback.

What are Trackbacks?

In simplest terms, trackbacks are when someone taps on someone else’s shoulder and says, Hey, I’d like to use what you said in my own conversation. As an example, one of my friends, Emy, penned a blog post about her love for chocolate. It is also something she said that I would like to include in my article. That’s what I do, and I mention her post in the process. In my own blog post, I copy her trackback URI. The trackback should now be sent to my friend Emy, so her attention can be drawn to what I spoke about.

What are Pingbacks?

There are many similarities between pingbacks and trackbacks, but they also differ in a few important ways. An article is written, and an external link is included. This website gets a notification if they have pingbacks enabled. Once they approve your article, they can put a link to it on their website. A comment is most commonly used to display this information. You might see them differently depending on the WordPress theme you’re using.

How to fix when Trackback and Pingback in not working

As I mentioned above, Trackback and Pingback work in the same way. A user who is experiencing issues with Pingback and Trackback posted a discussion on and received a response from a professional. I noticed that the user had not enabled Trackback and Pingback notifications.

Let’s see how to enable pingback

  1. Go to Discussion
  2. Tick mark on “ Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks) on new posts” and “Attempt to notify any blogs linked to from the post”.

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