Build a WordPress website with no-code and save 76%

No matter how much time you spend on AIM or Tumblr, you probably don’t have enough HTML and CSS knowledge to build an entire website. It’s a worthwhile skill to obtain. If you can learn how to code independently, you should — it is a valuable skill to acquire. In that case, you have other choices, such as Brizy, a no-code website builder.

Brizy works in conjunction with WordPress to enable you to create and publish your websites with simple, easy-to-use tools and features. A lifetime freelancer subscription plan is also available, including 100 professional websites, updates, and life support, for only $69. The regular price is $299, so you can save 76%.

A huge selection of designer-made templates is available to you, which will look great on all screens. With the click of a button, the elements can be customized across the entire site, including color palettes, fonts, logos, etc. Marketing apps can be integrated, display conditions can be changed on certain pages, content can be synchronized to the cloud, styles can be copied and pasted between pages, animations can be added, and other features — all with just a few clicks.

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