15 Best paint company in India 2023

Can you imagine what your home would look like without paint? The more colour you add to your home, the more gorgeous it will look. Making the colour decision for your home is challenging. Not only well-known architects’ homes feature paintings, but also the actual structures. A building’s paint job gives it character in the area. The best paint company is now the subject of discussion. Indian paint businesses have expanded significantly in recent years. Due to the expansion of its paint sector, India has become the region with the fastest-growing paint market. India is home to the corporate offices of several of the biggest paint manufacturers in the world. Even though some of them have a foreign origin, they cater to Indian consumers and include Indian-style content.
Without paint, no piece of art would be the same. Throughout the building process, colour plays a crucial function in improving infrastructure and making it a marvel. It has a wide range of uses and a beautiful appearance.
This comprises covering the surface and serving as a protective layer.
Coatings protect building structures from extreme weather conditions and wear and tear. Another consideration is that the paint must be non-toxic to the environment, simple to use, and compliant with all applicable regulations. It should also be robust and waterproof when selecting best paint company in india brand.

An expansion of the paint industry

India’s production of paints was second in APAC as of 2020. Over the past few years, there has been a tremendous expansion of it. Wholesale costs for paint and coatings have risen to a record high of 112.7 during the previous five years. In 2019, the paint business transacted more than 57 trillion Indian rupees. Despite having the second-highest export value in the world, India’s paint sector purchased 39 trillion rupees more than it exported. The two broad categories into which the South Asian paint industry may be split into industrial and ornamental paints. India’s paint business is Asia’s fastest-growing industry due to its rapid growth. There are wall paints for the inside and outside, enamels, accessories, and wood finishes in the ornamental category.
On the other hand, the industrial market consists of automobiles, coatings, powder, and powder spraying. In India, the decorative segment claimed almost 75% of the market share, while the industrial part received just over 25%. This huge difference in the market share can be attributed to a lack of technical expertise and reduced participation of unorganized and organized players.

List of the best paint company in India

It is human nature to be attracted to colours. There is a connection between colour and psychology. Our emotions are affected by colour. When you purchase or restore a home, you should always paint it. As the construction industry grows, more people paint homes and other structures. Decorative and industrial paints are the two main categories into which paintings are typically split. Paint for exterior walls, interior walls, wood finishes, primers, and putties are aesthetic paints that account for 75% of the market. In contrast, industrial paints such as package, marine, powder, and automotive coatings make up the other 25%.

When selecting a paint company in india, there are numerous things to consider. We have put together an article that will serve as a helpful guide for picking a paint company to prevent the problem. The top paint companies in India are listed below.

01. Asian Paints Ltd

Mumbai, Maharashtra, is home to the international paint manufacturer Asian Paints. It was founded in 1942. The company manufactures, distributes, and sells paints, accessories, coatings, bathroom fixtures and related services. It is one of India’s top 10 paint manufacturers.
Asian Paints, the largest paint producer in India, is the third-largest paint producer in Asia. The owner of Berger International is Asian Paints. On revenue of 18,516.86 crores for the fiscal year 2021–2022, the company made a profit of 3,052.51 crores. Currently, the company operates in 15 nations and has 26 paint manufacturing facilities serving more than 60 countries. The corporation, which has a significant presence in India and the Middle East, produces goods in 15 nations, including India. In 2022, it will still rank among the top paint companies in India.

02. Berger Paints Ltd

Berger Paints is a global paint business headquartered in Kolkata, India.
The corporation now operates factories in Poland, Russia, India, and Nepal.
The organization conducts business in five nations: Bangladesh, Poland, Russia, India, and Nepal. Regarding growth rates, the country’s second-largest paint company, Berger Paints India Limited, is among the fastest-growing companies in the paint industry. The business employs more than 3450 people (excluding its subsidiaries), and more than 25,000 dealers sell its goods nationwide.

03. Shalimar Paints

Shalimar Paints was founded in 1942 in Howrah, West Bengal, and now has over 54 locations across the nation. This fragment’s primary goals are to compose, enrich, and update. They are one of India’s most recognized paint manufacturers. Using a high-quality innovation, it gained access to the air. It began painting Rashtrapati Bhavan, Salt Lake Arena in Kolkata, Vidyasagar Setu in Kolkata, and other structures with warm plants and marine paints.

04. Indigo Paints

Indigo Paints had modest beginnings when it was founded in the year 2000. One of the most reputable names in the paint sector. Cement paints were initially produced by the indigo paints firm, which eventually transitioned to water-based stains such as interior emulsions, primers, exterior emulsions, distempers, etc. With the quick expansion of its reach since its beginning, the company’s footprints have spread throughout India. It is a fierce and trustworthy competitor in the Indian paint market today. It has a reputation for consistently releasing new goods that have never been seen before, either on the market or even in the nation.

05. Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd

One of the top paint manufacturers in India is Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd. It is a Goodlass Nerolac subsidiary and India’s third-largest decorative paint manufacturer. The business in 1918 in Amagasaki City, Japan, by Katsujiro Iwai. Its main office is in Mumbai. The company offers and provides paint solutions used on finishing lines and in the furniture sector. The major products are chemistry, industrial finishing goods, decorative paints, and coatings. The business employs 3008 people as of the most recent data. Nerolac Beauty GOLD is among India’s top paint manufacturers because of its extensive selection of goods.

06. Dulux Paints Ltd.

One of the top paint brands in the world and a maker of architectural paints and other paint goods is Dulux. AkzoNobel is the owner of the business. Additionally, the company produces a wide variety of industrial and ornamental paints. There are more than 2,300 colour shades available. Dulux Canada was purchased by the architectural firm PGG. The paints can be matched to textures and patterns found in architecture. This company produces high-quality, long-lasting, and germ-resistant paints. One of the most popular paint brands in India is Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt, and this firm offers a wide range of excellent goods.

07. Jenson and Nicholson Pvt Ltd

Founded in 1922, Jenson and Nicholson Pvt Ltd is the second-oldest paint company in India. The business partnership was formed in 2016 by Jenson & Nicholson and Sheenlac. One of the best brands of decorative paint is said to go by this moniker. The business has worked on several projects, including Birla Mandir, the Commonwealth Games village, St. Paul’s Seminary Shillong, the Birla Museum, and many others. The paint business joined Nova Paint due to its innovative and excellent marketing strategies. The corporate office of the corporation is situated in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. They set themselves apart from competitors in the field by announcing, “Whenever you see colour, think of us.”

08. Sheenlac Paints Ltd.

In 1962, John Peter established Sheenlac Paints. Its corporate headquarters are in Chennai, India. It is listed as one of India’s top 10 paint producers.
The business not only invented the first non-alcoholic wood polish but also put thinners in recyclable PET bottles. Wood finishes, decorative paints, and automotive paints are some of its offerings. It started as a tiny business that made wood thinners and polishes. Later, it expanded into a sizable corporation with over three subsidiaries. In addition, Sri Lanka is home to four industrial facilities, one of which debuted in 2012. EBITDA increased by 4.30 per cent from 100C to 500C in sales, while book value rose by 15.94%.

09. Nippon Paint India Pvt Ltd

The business is based in India and produces paint and other goods. One of the leading paint manufacturers in the world, this company creates paints in various hues. Jujiro and Komyosha founded the business in 1881. The business manufactures paints and coatings for the automotive, ornamental, and industrial markets. Coatings on automobiles, boats, and other machinery, as well as fine chemicals, are examples of environmentally friendly products. Nippon Paint, the country of Japan’s first paint manufacturer, was founded in 1881. Osaka serves as the company’s headquarters.

10. Snowcem Paints Pvt Ltd

Indian paint producer Snowcem Paints Pvt Ltd was established in 1959. George Lillington launched the business in Mumbai that year. Its current headquarters are located in Mumbai. Snowcem Paints is one of India’s leading producers of cement-based masonry paint. For the Indian market, Snowcem started creating paints and coatings. Snowcem currently produces water-based paints primarily. Over the past 50 years, Snowcem Paints has developed a solid reputation in the Indian paint market. It provides a variety of items for both interiors and exteriors. They stand out because of their eco-friendly products, like Unigloss and water-based liquid paints. The products’ affordable prices and high quality are among the brand’s standout features. Among their offerings are primers, decorative paints, liquid paints, cement paints, and more.

11. AkzoNobel India Ltd

In India, AkzoNobel has been functioning for about 60 years. The company’s paints and coatings are well known. The organization works throughout India from a total of five offices and depots. One of the most well-known paint brands in the nation. As part of the acquisition, AkzoNobel NV acquired Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd., the holding company of ICI India Limited, under section 425 of the UK Companies Act of 1985. The name of the business as of right now is AkzoNobel India Limited. After combining with three other AkzoNobel Group firms with operations in India, AkzoNobel India Limited became India’s only integrated Paints and Coatings company in 2012.

12. British Paints India Ltd

The British Paint company established its office in Delhi, India, in 1947, giving it a global footprint.
British Paint is regarded as one of the top paint manufacturers in India. The company offers many brightening products, including interior and exterior emulsions, lacquers, disease treatments, surfaces, clay, primers, wood finishes, concrete paints, and waterproofing chemicals.
Over the years, the organization has completed thousands of projects. The company is renowned for having a highly competent group of industry experts in the field of paint.

13. Agsar paint

The company’s name, Agsar paint, was created by its two founders, Rajamanickam and Alagappan Ganeshan Shanmugam Armugaswamy. a company that established itself in Tuticorin in 1974 and quickly rose to fame and gained confidence throughout India. Agsar Paints, the top paint manufacturer in South India, has launched a solid international reputation.
Agsar paints are typically utilized for industrial, ornamental, and auxiliary uses. The company’s products are used in commercial, industrial, and residential applications. The company creates cutting-edge items that are of the highest quality and innovation.

14. Jotun Paints

Jotun Paints was established in 1926 in Norway by Ole Aanderud Larsen, Odd Gleditsch, and Jean B. Linaae. The business has a worldwide reputation and serves more than 90 nations. Jotun India Private Limited was established in 2003 and is based in Mumbai, India. Customers worldwide can purchase paint, powder coatings, decorative paints, protective coatings, metal paints, and other items created by Jotun Paints.

15. Mysore Paints

Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wodeyar, the Maharaja of the province of Mysore, launched the Mysore Paints firm in 1937. The Maharaja of Mysore Province Company was founded to offer locals work possibilities and use the forest’s natural resources. Mysore Paints, which provides ornamental paints, thickeners, industrial coatings, varnish, and wood polishes, is one of Karnataka’s most well-known government businesses today. This business sells to private companies in addition to producing for and selling to public utilities, the federal government, and several paint dealers. Only Mysore Paints has the right to create indelible ink for elections, which is used to deter Indian voters from casting multiple ballots.

Who are the Market Leaders in Paint Industry?

Asian Paints, with a market share of almost 39%, had the most excellent position. Asian Paints owned the organized section’s ornamental market segment, and Kansai Nerolac owned the industrial segment. In terms of the total dollar value of sales, the Indian paint market expanded by almost 15% in 2019. Future industry growth is projected to be influenced by several variables, such as disposable income, energy prices, and the expansion of the real estate and automotive industries. Since we have a supercomputer that can predict with 95% accuracy what kind of paint will be sold tomorrow, we at Asian Paint think we are the market leader in the paint industry. This is why we constantly place first among India’s top 10 paint companies.

Your house, store, or place of business will look better if you paint it. There are numerous paint manufacturers in India. Both international and Indian businesses exist. The paints are long-lasting, waterproof, fungus-free, and have an appealing appearance, among other qualities. The usage of Indian paints is widespread worldwide. The top five Indian paint businesses by market capitalization are Asian Paints, Akzo Nobel, Berger Paints, Nerolac, and Shalimar Paints. Whether we are furnishing our houses, painting our cars, maintaining our workplaces, or tending to our plants, paint is a necessary component of life. In India, the sector employs a considerable number of people. Indian paint factories have provided investors with remarkable returns due to their thriving market. According to numerous industry analysts, India has the highest-calibre paint shops in the world, with an estimated 50,000 locations run by the most prominent manufacturers.
Additionally, the Indian government’s “Make in India” strategy heavily relies on the paint sector. Indian paint is very highly welcomed abroad. The top Indian paint brands are listed below in ascending order of market cap, net profit, total assets, annual revenue, and equity value. The list of the paint company in India provided above should help you decide what sort of paint to purchase.

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