6 Best online store builder for small business in 2023

Want the best online store builder for small business? Small businesses which have limited resources and capital need to promote their business too. But, with the combination of website and digital marketing, online small businesses can grow by reaching targeted customers.

Websites are a must for online businesses, some businesses run through social media, but if you want to increase your reach, websites must be SEO friendly. So that you can generate sales online. Hence, these websites need to be optimized and developed with effective planning. The website interface matters a lot while users are browsing it. A smooth interface will make users attracted to your website. An attractive and relatable theme will make users aware of your business. and develop trust.

There are many website builders out there on the internet, but, if you won’t build an online store you just need a Woocommerce plugin. It is a free plugin, you just need to activate it and after following some simple steps your store is ready to sell products online. The best thing is that the Woocommerce plugin works with all WordPress themes.

Besides, a beautiful website shows professionalism, that’s why an online small business must start with a gorgeous theme. So, customers recognize you as a trustworthy brand, Here, I have listed some gorgeous themes with a ready-made online store template with WooCommerce plugins.

List of best online store builder for small businesses 2023

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01. REHub – Affiliate marketing or online store builder

REHub an Affiliate marketing or online store builder

It is an ultra-modern theme provider based on dynamic businesses, and it has been recently updated on September 19, 2022. The themes will have very innovative designs built on business modules that yield highly successful results upon use. It provides a brilliant platform for digital marketing, successful marketplaces based on online store are run through REHub. It costs only $59 to buy it, and also offer extended license for 10 sites if you buy three license. There are different layouts for your products, gutenberg block in posts, which will make them look very attractive and catchy. 


  • Several variants of shops.
  • Product pages can be designed with 20 layouts.
  • One can use enhanced adoptions.
  • Easily access price drops and trackers.

02. Freshio – Organic & Food Store builder for small business

Freshio an Organic & Food Store builder for small business

If your business involves selling and buying food products, fresh food, organic food, this is one of the best deals for you to consider. It runs smoothly in WordPress with readymade templates. You just have to import demo and after chaning the elements your organic food store is ready to use. It is compatible with browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, and Safari.

The theme built for heavy traffic as it is SEO optimize with high page speed. The page builder plugin done all the job for designing, easier for developers for its drag and drop option. There are different styles for the header and footer which make the headlines or key offers noticeable. 


  • Compatible for various browsers.
  • Excellent builder plugin.
  • Has themes that are worth watching.
  • Recommended filtering system.

03. ChapterOne – Online bookstore builder

ChapterOne - Online bookstore builder

Making an optimized website for bookworms? It sounds a very good idea as they are some of the most loyal consumers if you provide them with a good experience. Some might prefer classic themes, while the kids and teens might like a fancy theme. You can buy this theme for just $69, and it offers a classic theme with a separate section that can be designed for kids and children. This is one of the best themes a book publisher can ask for, and it makes reading and publishing easy with shopping features. 


  • It has been praised for its creative and easy-to-access admin interface. 
  • One of the most noticeable features of ChapterOne is the availability of 800+ Google fonts. 
  • The Instagram list shortcode and Twitter list shortcode make it very marketable. 
  • Cheaper and better option for aspiring publishers. 

04. Bubulla – a online Meat Store builder

Bubulla a online Meat Store builder

If you are looking to sell your meat products and promote your business online through a website, at just $69 Bubulla ensures great assistance that is almost unparalleled. The impressive galleries and blog pages attract a lot of consumers as well. It has different styles of fonts, headers, typography, tabs, etc. There are a lot of powerful plugins that are compatible with it. 


  • Easier customization of colour
  • Several theme features 
  • Different Google fonts
  • SEO optimized and automatic updates

05. Jewelry & Watches Online Store WordPress Theme

Jewelry & Watches WordPress Theme

This premium quality theme can help you promote your exquisite materials and precious, rare gems and stones. Jewelry and watches do not have as many customers as other cheaper things, but the per purchase cost is very high compared to other items. For example, a book website may have 3000 total buyers amounting to $15,000 total sales, but a jewelry website might have made a total sale of 30 products, but the total amount might very well exceed $15,000. The theme has a very royal touch which makes the buyers think they are at the right place. With this theme you can display all your Jewellary products in organized way.


  • Availability of different languages and currencies.
  • Create your account and keep a tab of guest checkouts.
  • High-quality news and blogs.
  • Works very well with mobile.

06. Welldone – Sports & Fitness Nutrition and Supplements Store builder

Welldone a Sports & Fitness Nutrition and Supplements WordPress theme

Fitness freaks and gym-goers are always in search of good supplements and resources. Most of the supplements aren’t available offline, so they have to look for them online. These consumers always look for quality products and seek a websites trust. They often recommend good websites to their gym partners, and if you gain their trust, it’s a great way to grow. The theme has a very sporty design with several fonts. There are several blogs and premade demo products added for a preview. 


  • Well curated product pages.
  • Blog posts and galleries are well maintained.
  • The demo layouts are very attractive.
  • One can surf in several languages.


These are some of the best online store builder for small business that are very popular and easy to installation, considering these are to be used by small-scale businesses aiming for healthy growth. Here, we conclude best online store builder for small business.

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