7 Step Process To Creating Your First Successful Video Sales Letter

Anyone who’s been making money or trying to make money online is familiar with the standard sales letter you’ll see on most websites. Then web-based video grew in popularity and a lot of marketers started to worry that they wouldn’t be able to compete with companies with big production budgets and professional equipment.

But all you need to do is fast forward to 2022 and see that not only can you compete but you can surpass some of these companies if you put your mind to it.

Video has changed the way we use the Internet itself. For example YouTube can often generate more search traffic in a day than Google itself. Plus YouTube has made sharing videos an absolute breeze. When you add that to the fact that videos have higher conversion rates and allow you to really “bond” with your customers and visitors then you can see why having an online video presence is so important.

Most people worry about not having the cash to invest in expensive camera equipment and software. But video cameras are getting cheaper and all you need is something like PowerPoint to create screen-casts that will definitely give your site the “wow” factor.

Having all the right equipment and software isn’t a guarantee that your videos will be a raging success though.

You’re going to need some tips to follow for your videos to be an effective marketing tool:

1. Script It

This might seem a little bit cheesy to do but just doing an ad-lib video presentation means that there are going to be unnecessary pauses during the video and probably some mistakes. Remember you’re trying to create a professional image here. Having a script is going to make you look and sound more professional.

2. Create Viewer Hooks

If your video is bland and has no real “life” to it you’re going to lose your viewer’s attention very quickly. A backing track and some nice transitions or effects should be enough to hold their attention. You have about 30 seconds to hook them or they’re gone!

3. Be A Pro

Use a noise-canceling microphone and make sure that your video is crystal clear and in focus. This just means that you take your time during the setup process and keep trying until you get it just right (or as close as possible).

4. Clear Text

One of the single biggest mistakes most people make with video presentations is using text that’s so small it’s unreadable and/or using a fancy font that is equally impossible to read on-screen. Keep it simple. Use a neutral-colored background (white or something light) and big, black text. Look at any video presentation on a shopping channel to see how it’s done properly.

5. Files Sizes

Remember not everyone has superfast broadband and even for the ones who do nobody likes to wait forever for a video to load. If a visitor hits your site and has to wait 2 minutes for the video to load I can promise you they’ll just leave. You’re looking for video resolutions of (500 x 300) and (800 x 600). Also bear in mind that a lot of people are watching videos on their iPhones and Android phones now, so it is imperative that you optimize for those applications as well.

6. Promote Similar Products

Now this might seem like I’m stating the obvious but if you use a video sales letter to promote a product that uses video on its landing page you’re going to have higher conversion rates. This might not always be possible but promoting offers in this way is going to be more effective – it’s as simple as that.

7. Test, Test and Test Again

You can always improve on your current video efforts. Just because your videos are working well doesn’t mean that you can’t tweak them to be even more effective than they are right now. If you’re not testing and comparing results you’re not going to generate the optimal conversions from your video.

So, as you can see, creating a professional video sales letter that converts isn’t a complicated process. Just apply these tips and you’ll be well on your way to creating a high-converting video that will supercharge your marketing efforts.

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